About Me
My name is Tyson Bradley. I was born and raised near Vancouver, Canada. Growing up in a non-Christian home, I lived my first 14 years outside of the Church. I became a Christian through attending a Christian ice hockey camp.

I was married to my wonderful wife, Alexandra, in May 2014. In June 2014, a few weeks after our marriage, we moved from Vancouver, Canada to London, UK. I am the Director of Apologetics UK, preach in various locations, and serve as a full-time City Missionary with London City Mission.

At some point, I developed a keen interest for apologetics and attempting to explain Christianity in a persuasive, easy-to-understand manner. This is why I began to engage in, what I call, “cultural apologetics.” I invite you to join me as a fellow sojourner “travelling through life’s ideas with a Christian worldview.”

Twitter: @_TheSojourner & @Tyson448
Email: TysonBradley@TheSojourner.org
Youtube: TheSojourner

In Christ,
– Tyson Bradley

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