Book Review: Forensic Faith

J. Warner Wallace has done it again by creating a top quality book in Christian apologetics (a.k.a Christian case-making according to Wallace). As I’ve mentioned before, J. Warner Wallace is a former cold-case homicide detective from Los Angeles county in California. I’m also pleased to call him a friend. He is the author of other books such as: Cold-Case Christianity, Alive, God’s Crime Scene, & Cold-Case Christianity For Kids.

In his latest book, Forensic Faith, Wallace “makes the case for a more reasonable, evidential Christian faith.” For those wondering where Wallace stands on the pre-suppositional apologetics vs evidential apologetics, Wallace would clearly stand as an Evidentialist. I’ve heard him explain before that this is simply because, as an Atheist investigating Christianity, this is how he came to the Christian faith. That makes sense.

I enjoy how this book is divided up and made easily readable (as is the case with all his books), while not withholding the important information that he is trying to get across. In Chapter 1, Wallace gives 5 evidential examples to help you embrace your calling as a Christian Case Maker. This is huge as I have found in my own apologetics speaking/conversations that, for some reason, Christians still need to be convinced that it is their duty to present a good case for the Christian faith to the people in their life (work, school, non-Christian friends & family, etc.). As far as I’m aware, Jim & I agree on Reformed theology, so I enjoyed his discussion on “why make the case, if God is in control?”

Chapter 2 gives 5 steps toward preparing yourself to protect and serve as a first responder. I know I’ve heard Wallace talk about the need to stop teaching and start training. I agree wholeheartedly with this and think that this is an important method for doing apologetics in our modern age. I highly recommend reading his work on this.

Chapter 3 gives 5 practices to help you examine the claims of Christianity like a good detective. This chapter is a very detailed look at the evidence for Christianity and how that evidence is gathered practically.

Chapter 4 gives 5 principles to help you share what you believe like a good prosecutor. Not everyone is called to be a public speaker going up on stage in front of hundreds of people to tell them about Jesus; however, everyone is called to communicate the evidence that they are convinced of. Whether we are talking on a stage or with a friend, there are certain principles to keep in mind when presenting our faith to others.

This book is great for those who have already been convinced of the truth of Christianity and want to go deeper into apologetics (Christian case-making). Sometimes we go to a conference, hear a speaker, or read a book about an apologetics argument and think: “Great, now what do I do with that information? How can I become better at making a case for Christianity?” Enter Forensic Faith by J. Warner Wallace to help you with that.

God Bless,
Tyson Bradley