How We View: Duck Dynasty

With the start of season 4 of Ducky Dynasty airing tonight on A&E, I thought it would be rather fitting to write another blog in the series called “How We View…” where I look at popular television shows through the looking glass of a Christian.

When Duck Dynasty first appeared on television, I saw a commercial and thought “oh great, not another show about hillbillies from the deep South…” However, I decided to give it a chance one day and watch an episode. I quickly learned that it is an extremely funny show with a cast full of crazy characters. As I watched more episodes, I noticed that the family prays quick prayers at the end of each episode. I also noticed mentions of their Christian values here & there as well.

Any time I see a Christian on television, I’m always a little bit leery about it because I find that there are actually very few “legit” Christians on television today. You should be suspicious too. The reason for that is simply because “legit” Christians are not cheesy, crazy, and preaching heresy like the guys who tell you that “God wants to make you rich! Just send me a cheque every month!” Media corporations only want to put the weird or cheesy Christians on television because they’ll get better ratings. Whenever a “legit” Christian is on television, it is a breath of fresh air but hardly anyone ever takes notice.

I am pleased to say that the most normal thing about the Duck Dynasty cast is the fact that they’re “legit” Christians! They may lead a crazy, hectic, strange lifestyle to city-folk; however, they are indeed the rare “legit” Christians on television today.

Here are some of my findings from looking into the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty:

1. The family usually talks about Jesus when being filmed, but the network cuts it out. They always say “in Jesus’ name” at the end of every prayer, but the network continued to cut it out until Phil Robertson complained.

2. In the first few episodes, the editors made it sound as if some of the family were cussing. The family is clear that they do not cuss & told the network to stop making it seem like they use profanity.

3. Phil Robertson has baptized over 300 people in the Ouachita River behind his home. Jase Robertson baptized a fan who came to Christ through some of the families online sermons.

4. There is a brother who has not yet appeared on the show until this season. His name is Alan & he is clean shaven. He was the pastor at the church that the family attends (White’s Ferry Road Church) until leaving his position to help out the family in their growing business. Phil & Alan Robertson serve as elders at White’s Ferry Road Church.

5. They have a strong family bond & Christ plays a major role in that. It is refreshing to see a family on reality TV who is not falling apart and breaking. This is why so many non-Christians & Christians alike love the show (in addition to its humor).

6. Phil, Willie, Jase, and Alan are all preachers. The youngest brother, Jep, has preached before, but is a shy guy. They are often asked to speak at various events & they use every opportunity to speak about Jesus. They have been given the platform to do so and they don’t want to waste it. Out of the family, Phil has the most videos of his sermons online.

Here are some of the videos showing the men of Duck Dynasty talking about & defending their faith:

Willie Robertson:
Preaching at Harding University
Preaching at an Easter Service (part 2)
Talking about dealing with fame

Jase Robertson:
Preaching at Vernonia Sports Convention
Speaking about his faith at Oklahoma Christian University
Preaching in South Carolina
God’s Design
How did you get on the earth? What are we supposed to be doing here? & How are you leaving?
Oklahoma Christian University chapel
Speaking about his faith at a Canadian festival

Phil Robertson:
– Full sermon in Pennsylvania (follow the “related videos” for part 1 – part 6)
– Full sermon at Freed Hardeman Sports Advisory Council (follow the “related videos” for part 1 – part 4)
– Full sermon in Greenville, TN
– Part of a sermon
– Calling Ducks/Calling Men (follow the “related videos” for part 1 – part 3)
– Speaking at Mount Zion
– Clip of preaching
– Talking about his decision to follow Jesus
– Talking about how it all started
– Talking about preaching & loving others
– Talking about evangelism
– Talking about how faith changed his life (with Miss Kay)

Alan & Phil Robertson:
– Speaking at Saddleback Church
– Speaking at the SoCal Harvest (With Greg Laurie)

Si Robertson:
Speaking about God’s sense of humor

Mountain Man:
Sharing his testimony

Miss Kay Robertson:
Sharing her testimony

Sadie Robertson:
Devotional Videos

Phil, Kay, Jep, and Reed Robertson
Their testimony of how Jesus changed their lives (I Am Second)

I am sure there are many more videos to see; however, these are some that show how genuine the faith is of the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty. Next time you see them on television, remember who it is that they worship. They’re not after fame, money, and popularity like most celebrities; they humbly worship Jesus. A&E usually markets them as “money, family, ducks” but they market themselves as “faith, family, ducks.”
God Bless,
Tyson Bradley