Christians Are Hypocrites!

This post is not meant to be a full extensive explanation of an argument. I merely hope this puts a stone in your shoe about the consequences of beliefs.
The following is a fictional dialogue between an Atheist & a Christian about all Christians being hypocrites…

Atheist: I could never believe in Christianity because all of you Christians are just hypocrites!

Christian: Why is that?

A: You Christians don’t really live out what the Bible teaches

C: What would it look like if we did really live it out?

A: Well doesn’t Jesus teach you to love people? I know some very unloving Christians

C: Jesus doesn’t just teach us to love people, He teaches us to love our enemies. I’m sorry that you’ve met some very unloving Christians. I’m sure you haven’t talked to every individual Christian out of the over 2 billion in the world today, so I don’t think you can fairly say that every Christian is a hypocrite

A: The Christians I’ve met don’t live out what they say they believe

C: Does that make Christianity less true? Could you consider “hypocritical Christians” as absolute evidence that God does NOT exist?

A: I guess not

C: Let me ask you, do Atheists really live out what they say they believe?

A: What do you mean? Of course we do!

C: What do you believe about life & the origins of the universe?

A: I believe in the Big Bang and that we have evolved over millions of years

C: What would it look like if you really lived that out?

A: I just try to live for today and do what makes me happy. When I die, I just cease to exist

C: Do you realize that Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, & many other famous Atheists promote the idea of “survival of the fittest” based on their belief in evolution?

A: I believe in survival of the fittest. That’s just how evolution works

C: I suppose you don’t live that out. Especially considering that you’re not opposed to fighting for the rights of  unborn children, mentally or physically challenged people, homeless people, and seniors. Why should we bother caring for these people? If they’re not the fittest in our society, then we shouldn’t take care of them, right? Only the fittest survive

A: Of course we should take care of these people! They still have value

C: What gives them value? Could it not be the fact that they were created in the image of God? (Genesis 1:27)… Looks like Christians are not the only ones who don’t live out what they say they believe

God Bless,
Tyson Bradley